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⚠️ Important notice! ⚠️
Read this if you're buying the token:
We have removed our tax from PancakeSwap, but our account-to-account tax is still in place. Disable this tax for your account here by connecting your wallet and clicking "Unstake." We will disable this tax globally when our liquidity unlocks, meanwhile:
  • ❗️ Buy the token on PancakeSwap only
  • ❗️ Do not buy with limit orders
  • ❗️ Unstake your token
  • ❗️ Contact our support if you accidentally trigger the tax so we can issue a refund
Find the Kenshi token contract address on BNB Smart Chain below:
Kenshi implements the ERC-1363 token standard and is deployed to BNB Smart Chain.
You can buy the token on PancakeSwap.
The Kenshi token is a utility token. It creates a bilateral relationship between Kenshi and its customers allowing them to digitally access Kenshi services by the means of a blockchain-based infrastructure.
Kenshi started with a total supply of 10T tokens. Fifty percent of the total supply was burned during liquidity bootstrapping and in v2 release of the token. There was no team allocations. All tokens were offered to the public on PancakeSwap, and the liquidity is locked in a Kenshi locker.