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Indexing. Oracles. IoT.

All the tools you need to build for the blockchain.
Build faster and better decentralized apps in no-time.
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The decentralized network for data validation.
Available on 8 blockchains and growing
BNB Chain
Fantom fafa
Introducing Kenshi Unchained

Unchained is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network for data validation. Unchained nodes work to validate data together and are rewarded in KNS tokens. The validated data can then be queried by consumer in exchange for KNS tokens. This model makes Unchained an economically autonomous platform for data validation and exchange.


Unleash the Power of Web 3.0 with Kenshi

Transform your digital experience with Kenshi's comprehensive suite of blockchain tools.
Our platform empowers you to craft custom solutions, bridge IoT and blockchain, and access real-time data with ease. Experience the seamless interaction of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 data, fueling innovation and growth for your business in the Web 3.0 era.
  • Kenshi's Deep Index offers real-time blockchain indexing, ensuring efficient and cost-effective access to data. Seamlessly integrate with Web 3.0, transforming your data handling experience.

  • With Kenshi's Oracle Network, create custom oracles tailored to your specific requirements. Harness the full potential of blockchain technology, driving innovation and growth in the Web 3.0 era.

  • Our IoT SDK bridges the gap between Internet of Things and blockchain. Enable bidirectional communication for effortless integration and unlock new possibilities for IoT applications.

  • Kenshi's platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier to craft tailor-made blockchain solutions. Experience the simplicity of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the adaptability of Infrastructure as a Service/Platform as a Service (IaaS/PaaS).

  • Stay ahead with real-time data access and event notifications. Respond to changes and updates as they happen, keeping your operations agile and proactive.

  • Kenshi's Deep Index is compatible with multiple query languages, ensuring smooth and hassle-free integration.

  • We provide a fully managed service to ensure your experience with Kenshi is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.


Founded in December 2021, Kenshi is a pioneering blockchain technology company headquartered in the heart of Switzerland. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Kenshi aims to bridge the gap between the traditional web (Web 2.0) and the decentralized future (Web 3.0).

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