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Sync tasks are essential to the Kenshi Deep Indexing ecosystem. These tasks run periodically, fetching events from the blockchain and storing them into the Kenshi blockchain data clusters. This information can then be queried using the Kenshi GraphQL API, or you can choose to be notified of them using the Kenshi Reverse-API (Webhooks) service.
Data stored in the Kenshi blockchain data cluster is shared with all Kenshi clients. If there is already a Sync task targeting the blockchain data you are interested in, you won't have to create a sync task yourself. To check whether the data you are interested in already exists on the Kenshi blockchain data clusters simply make a GraphQL request to our API address, or ask the project owners if they have already created a task and if they provide a Kenshi GraphQL API key for public access.
The Kenshi Deep Index Sync task service is fully managed and does not require any external servers or setup. To use it head to the Kenshi dashboard , connect your wallet and make a task using the new Sync task form.
Continue reading on to get help with the dashboard or see examples of the Sync service.