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SolidQuery Playground
Here at the SolidQuery Playground, you have the chance to experiment and engage with SolidQuery's powerful capabilities. This interactive space is meant to provide you with a sandbox environment where you can create your own decentralized databases from YAML schemas, explore the generated Solidity contracts, and observe the power of blockchain technology at your fingertips.

Why Use The Playground?

Our playground offers you the freedom to get hands-on experience with SolidQuery without needing to download anything or set up a complicated development environment.


Generate your own decentralized databases by simply defining a schema in YAML.


Understand how SolidQuery works under the hood and how it generates Solidity contracts from your input schemas.


Try different YAML schemas and see how the generated contract changes.


Show others the power of SolidQuery by sharing your unique schemas and the resulting contracts.

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