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To get started with the Kenshi Deep Indexing Sync tasks, go to the Kenshi dashboard and connect your wallet. Then click on the “New Sync Task” button and fill in the “New Deep Indexing Task” form.
The Sync task form lets you choose what blockchain data is relevant to you. How you fill the form depends on your use case, but we can give you some tips and info about each one of the fields in this form.
  1. Chain : Here you need to choose the chain where your data is. For example, if you deployed your smart contract to the Fantom chain and you want to sync the events from this smart contract to the Kenshi blockchain data clusters, then you'll need to choose the Fantom chain here. This value cannot be changed after the task is created.
  2. Starting block : This field specifies from which block the sync task should look for the events you want to sync. Following the example of the Chain field, if your smart contract is deployed at block XYZ (eg. block 39176717) you'd want to put that number in this field. This value cannot be changed after the task is created.
  3. Duration : This field defines how many month should the service run. You can extend the Sync duration, but you cannot cancel or end the task.
  4. Contract address : The source of the events you want to sync to the Kenshi blockchain data clusters. This is usually the address of your smart contract, or the smart contract that emits the events you are looking for.
  5. Contract ABI : Put ABI of the smart contract (from the Contract address ) field here. You can either put the entire ABI, or just include the ABI of the events you are interested in. The ABI can be Human-Readable ABI or the ABI emitted by the Solidity compiler, in JSON format.