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Pricing for the sync service depends on the tier chosen while creating the task. Below you will find the differences between the tiers. Contact us if you need a custom service or pricing. The price is paid in Kenshi tokens.
Each tier differs from the other in amount of provided storage and the speed at which syncing happens with the blockchain. These parameters in turn affect the price of the tier. It is possible to order a custom plan, or run dedicated sync nodes by contacting .
Index speed[1]
Startup 15 seconds 1GB $49.95/month
Growth 10 seconds 2GB $99.95/month
Business 5 seconds 4GB $199.95/month
Enterprise 1 second 8GB $399.95/month
  1. This property directly affects the freshness of data indexed in the Kenshi database clusters. For example, if the index speed is 15 seconds in a tier, it means the last indexed event at any time might be 15 seconds behind the blockchain.
  2. This property directly affects the amount of data that can be indexed and stored in the Kenshi database clusters. On average each 1GB can store about 3 to 4 million events depending on the size of the events emitted by your smart contract.
    As an example, the 1inch router on BSC emits about 350k "Swapped" events each month, which occupies about ~217mb of storage size. On an Enterprise plan it will take more than 3 years to run out of storage at this rate. This is an extreme case, and most smart contracts won't need this much of storage space.
If you're not sure which plan fits your needs the best, you can contact us by sending an email to or reaching out via one of our official social media links.
Contact us if you need to store more than 8GB of data, need to index events from a great number of contracts, or have any other unique requirements. The Kenshi Deep Index infrastructure runs completely serverless, is able to handle hundreds of thousands of events per second, and is able to index peta-bytes of data. Reach out to for inquiries or further details.
To get a grant on our services or to get a discount you can contact us at .