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The example below shows a Sync task to sync all Kenshi token transfer events into the Kenshi blockchain data clusters:
Chain BNB Chain Kenshi smart contract is deployed to the BNB Chain.
Starting block 17633890 Kenshi smart contract is deployed at block number 17633890.
Interval 5 seconds Sync events once very five seconds.
Step 12 blocks Sync 12 blocks on each run.
Timeout 10 seconds Time out after 10 seconds of looking for events with no result.
Duration 1 Run this sync task for 1 month
Contract address 0x42f9c5a27a2647a64f7D3d58d8f896C60a727b0f This is the Kenshi token smart contract address
Contract ABI [ "event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint256 value)" ] Human-Readable ABI including only the Transfer event ABI
Event signature Transfer(address,address,uint256) Event signature for the Transfer event
Arguments Left empty to sync all Transfer events
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