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By Pouya Eghbali
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The Kenshi Oracle Network is a complete platform for building custom oracles. It takes care of the boring and time consuming stuff like event sourcing, task queues, security, caching, scaling, nonce management, error management, data delivery, and retries so you can focus on your business logic. With the Kenshi Oracle Network , you develop your oracle's logic using the technology of your choice, and we take care of the rest for you.
Your only limitation is your imagination! Whether you want to check if your user owns a specific NFT on another chain, want to check the price of a token or a real-life asset, or check the weather data or the results of a sports match, all is possible on the Kenshi Oracle Network.
You can find a few blueprints for custom oracles in our documentation :
  • Simple Oracle shows you how to implement the simplest possible oracle. You can start from this blueprint and build something magical.
  • Price Oracle shows you how to implement a price oracle, sourcing the price data from CoinGecko.
  • Weather Oracle is a sample weather oracle using the BrightSky APIs.
  • Proof of Balance Oracle! Do you want to check if a user owns a specific asset on another chain? This oracle shows you how to do that.
  • VRF Oracle blueprint uses the Kenshi ECVRF libraries to create a standards-compliant dedicated VRF oracle.
You need to implement Kenshi's Custom Oracle Protocol using your preferred technologies and host them on a serverless (or serverful!) platform such as Vercel, Cloudflare Workers, or AWS Lambda. You can use Python, Go, Node.js, or any other programming language.
The Custom Oracle Protocol is simple; you need a public HTTP[object Object] endpoint that receives events from the Oracle Network's Event Dispatcher, processes the event, and returns a JSON response with instructions on what to do with the event. You can read more about it in our documentation .
You also need a smart contract to make this work. You need to emit an event from your contract; we send this event to your custom oracle for processing. The Oracle Network then needs to call a method on your smart contract to deliver the results.
Once these are ready, go to the Kenshi Oracle Network dashboard and click on the create button. Then you input your contract's address and ABI, configure a few parameters, and you're good to go.
Kenshi provides the following services:
I'm glad you asked! We have already prepared a page about security in our documentation . Let's go through a few of the critical points!
  • We derive the private key of each oracle from an HDWallet stored in a secure secret manager. Private keys and seed phrases are not stored or accessible elsewhere.
  • We recommend you supply the oracle with enough gas for only a few requests. When there's a new request, Kenshi sends it to your oracle's endpoint for processing; you can check the balance of the oracle there and add gas if required.
  • We recommend signing your data and verifying it on-chain as instructed in “EIP-712: Typed structured data hashing and signing.” This way, you can ensure no validator or attacker has manipulated your data in the delivery process.
Ultimately, the oracle will be as safe as you, the developer, can make it. You will be safe if you follow the security recommendations in our documentation .
Very little. We charge a fixed $49.95 per month plus $0.0002 per request. We will adjust the price as we learn more about the oracle needs of our clients!
You can head over to our dashboard and create a custom oracle. Check the documentation and blueprints to get started quickly. Happy hacking on the Oracle Network!