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Your endpoint

Kenshi R-API sends blockchain events to your HTTP endpoint. This endpoint needs to return a 2xx code on success, if any other code is returned the sent events will be rescheduled.

To which HTTP endpoint should R-API send your events?
Linked Sync task

All R-API subscriptions need to be linked with a Deep Index Sync task. Metadata from the Sync task is used by R-API to keep track of sourced events from the blockchain.

This is the chain where your contract is deployed to.
Sync task ID matching the criteria of this R-API subscription
Starting point

Choose a starting point. R-API sends blockchain events to your endpoint starting from this point. You can choose a block number in the past, but it should be bigger than the starting block of the linked Sync task.

Starting block to check for events
Quota and duration

R-API pricing is based on how many months your subscription lasts, and how many requests in total will be made to your endpoint.

Number of months to keep this service active
Total number of requests available to this R-API subscription

All events matching these criteria will be sent to your webhook endpoint.

Allowed contract addresses, one per line. This is required.
Event names, one per line. Leave empty to include all events.
Maximum block number to query