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First things first!

Tell us where your smart contract is so we can index it.

This is the chain where your contract is deployed to.
Address of your smart contract, starts with 0x
Starting point

What is the starting point? From which block number should we start looking for your events?

This is usually the block on which your smart contract was created.

Kenshi uses this as the starting block to look for events emitted from your smart contract.
Project info

This information will be displayed publicly on your Kenshi Analytics profile.

Project Name
Token symbol
One paragraph about your project to help users understand its purpose (Up to 512 characters).
Short description of the project to show on Analytics Explorer (Up to 128 characters).
Address of your project website
Your project's logo in SVG or PNG (512x512) format.
Link to your whitepaper
Link to your Twitter profile
Link to your Discord server
Link to your Telegram chat
Link to your project's GitHub repository
Direct link to purchase your project's token

Kenshi Analytics Profile costs $19.95 per month. Choose for how many months you'd like to run this profile.