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VRF Oracle

Implement dynamic NFTs, games, lotteries and more with Kenshi VRF oracles.

Deep Index

Sync, search, query, and consume blockchain data that matters.

Discover all of Kenshi.

The Token

The Token

Looking for the ₭enshi token? The Kenshi token is a frictionless yield token that can provide a passive income to its holders, and that is also used to pay for the Kenshi services.


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Getting started is easy.

Use VRF to get randomness.

The Kenshi Verifiable Random Function (VRF) oracle can generate and verify pseudorandom numbers to be used by smart contracts on-chain.

Enjoy a responsive VRF solution on BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche chains.

Learn how to get a random number


All in one blockchain data solution.

Push notifications for the blockchain

Receive blockchain events directly on your AWS Lambda functions or HTTP reverse API endpoints.

Focus on your product, we provide the data.

Never miss an event again

Kenshi scans each block multiple times to make sure no event is missed.

Reliability for your services is key, you can count on us.

Fully managed, scales to infinity

Kenshi is a highly available, managed serverless solution that scales to infinity.

Never worry about infrastructure again, we've got you covered.

Developer resources

Find examples, tools and documents for integrating the Kenshi products and services into your projects.

Latest articles

Introducing the Kenshi VRF oracles.

Introducing the Kenshi VRF oracles.

VRFs play an important role in the blockchain, as the blockchain lacks the native functionality to securely generate random numbers due to its deterministic nature...
Introducing the Kenshi Deep Indexing Service.

Introducing the Kenshi Deep Indexing Service.

Information published on the blockchain is publicly available and accessible by anyone who needs it. However, traversing the event logs and searching for specific events is not an easy task...