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The Kenshi migration took place on Wednesday, June 14th. For further information on the migration, please visit The official announcement of Kenshi v3 .
Click on the copy button to copy the contract address:
On June 14th, we will transition our liquidity from the BNB Smart Chain to both Arbitrum and Ethereum networks, thereby introducing a new token. This new token will be distributed to our users through an airdrop, with the allocation proportionate to the amount of the existing token they possess at the time of migration.
Connect your wallet to Arbitrum One in anticipation of your migrated tokens.
  1. Visit Open a new browser tab and go to .
  2. Search for Arbitrum: Use the search bar to find the 'Arbitrum One' to add to MetaMask.
  3. Add to MetaMask: Click on the "Connect Wallet" button and then click "Add to MetaMask." This will open a MetaMask prompt with the pre-filled network details.
  4. Confirm and connect: Review the network details in the MetaMask prompt and click "Approve" to add the network. Click "Switch Network" to connect to 'Arbitrum One'. Your MetaMask wallet is now set up to interact with the selected blockchain.
  5. Add Kenshi V3: If you are using MetaMask, you can head over to the Kenshi tools page, connect your wallet, and click on the "Add Kenshi" button. If you are using any other wallet you will need to manually import the new contract address to your wallet.