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Kenshi developers and security experts review your smart contract for bugs and security issues, helping you find and resolve them all!
We scan your contracts for security issues and report them back to you. Our security experts use automated tools to scan your code as well as manually review your contract to investigate more.
Our developers will read your source code line by line, reporting back their findings to you. Several developers read your code independently to make sure no issue stays unnoticed.
We will use our test-suite on your smart contracts to see how it reacts to different situations. We will also write automated tests made specifically for your smart contracts if required.
We check for inconsistencies, code-stinks, formatting errors and misspellings in your smart contract. If required, we will format and fix your smart contract for you.
We will suggest a fix for any issues found in your smart contract. We will be on your side from the start until you deploy your smart contract on the network of your choice.
If necessary, we will identify and verify your team members and assess their expertise and experiences without directly exposing any of your identities to the public.
A PDF document with the results of your audit will be created for each of your projects.
Contact us at with a brief description of your project, our experts will reach out to you as soon as possible.
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