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Kenshi VRF oracle and Deep Indexing services are coming to Ethereum! These services will be launched on the Görli testnet first. Once the private beta testing on Görli is over, the services will be launched on the Ethereum mainnet.
An enterprise VRF service by Kenshi, targetting the bigger corporations.
Multiple updates are in the pipeline for the Kenshi Deep Indexing Reverse-API service.
The next generation of Kenshi lockers with extra features.
Two partner projects are in progress. Kenshi develops the blockchain side of two dApp projects that integrate the Kenshi products and services. More information on the said projects will be disclosed closer once our partners are ready for an announcement.
Partnerships with two companies will be announced as soon as our partners are ready to go live with their products.
Developers building promising projects using the Kenshi products will be able to benefit from Kenshi Grants. In phase one of the Kenshi Grants, developers will get free access to the Kenshi services for building their products.
Case study articles showcasing how our partners are using the Kenshi products are in the making. We are also working on making more tutorial articles on how to integrate the Kenshi services into blockchain projects.
Kenshi is working to make connections and partnerships with EVM-compatible blockchains. Kenshi services will be deployed to these EVM-compatible blockchains once a partnership or an agreement is made.
Kenshi is actively seeking investors to grow its ecosystem of products, services and connections.
We are working closely with agents, brokers and direct contacts in multiple blockchain companies to make partnerships and expand our circle of connections.
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